SYNERGY Education Programs give children the opportunity to experience the world of group rhythms and percussion instruments, and learn constructive life skills which include: healthy communication, cross cultural pluralism, and stress reduction.

ONE Hour Drumming programs for school age children

  • 01

    RHYTHM 101

    This workshop introduces children to the world of rhythm and percussion with FUN musical games. It awakens musicality in all participants, and provides knowledge of different instruments and rhythms.
  • 02


    Highlights the value of intercultural integration with the aid of percussion instruments from around the world. Participants learn about percussion instruments from around the world, the rhythms, and how they mix. Cross cultural understanding and global interdependence are explored with this program.
  • 03


    This workshop presents constructive forms of communication with the help of percussion instruments. It covers how to express feelings and get needs met in challenging situations. This program isn’t about drumming, it uses the drum as a tool for communication and personal expression.
  • 04


    This program brings wellness into children’s lives with the 10 step HealthRHYTHMS protocol. It is great for reducing stress and increasing self esteem. See Health and Wellness page.
Includes a real djembe gift for every participant


DAY CAMP is a fun packed day of drumming events. It lasts between four and six hours and includes the following workshops: RHYTHM 101, GETTING ALONG, PLANET RHYTHM, and WELLNESS. This program provides children with an indepth experience of world rhythms and instruments, and teaches constructive life skills. It is ideal for special events, holidays, summer, and team building programs.