Increase the value of a special event with SYNERGY!

Community Drumming Events in Phuket and Thailand SYNERGY Interactive Rhythm events don’t provide entertainment, they provide participainment!

Unlike concerts or shows where viewers sit back and expect to be entertained, at a Synergy drum circle everyone participates in creating a rhythmic orchestra and fun musical games. Drumming events reduce stress, unite people, and inspire! No experience is needed, a facilitator provides the appropriate guidance for all participants. SYNERGY group drumming programs are a unique way to break the ice at many types of social events, including parties, and conferences.

Drumming Performances

Book a drumming performance with the SYNERGY DRUM TEAM! It is a group of 2-7 drummers which provides drumming rhythms for different types of events, including weddings, fire-shows, inaugurations, parties, and conferences.

Wedding Groups
Tour groups
Corporate Retreats
Wellness Retreats
Ice Breakers

Phuket Drum Circle

For more fun, the Phuket Drum Circle is a free event where people drum, dance, or just enjoy the scenery on Naiharn Beach every Sunday, from about 5:00 pm till sunset. This is a freestyle setting which can be joined at any time. It is one of the few public drum circles in Asia with a year long schedule. The Phuket Drum Circle is not an environment for corporate or wellness programs, however it is recommended to catch the “vibes”.

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