Team Building drumming in Thailand: Phuket, Bangkok, Chiangmai and most cities

SYNERGY provides drumming programs for different corporate needs ranging from ice breakers to team building and leadership programs. The goal of these events is to increase the success of the corporate team. Participants engage in a variety of wellness and inspirational activities where the drum is not the final goal but merely a means to a higher end.

Team Building programs focus on increasing unity and boosting morale. The facilitator delivers powerful metaphors which connect the event to the company’s objectives. Events are personalised in order to provide a bespoke experience for the organization. Participants need no prior musical experience. Corporate programs deliver more than the sum of their parts, they create SYNERGY!

Our fast-paced corporate environment of today has rediscovered group drumming, an ancient team building activity. About 85% of U.S. Fortune 100 companies in the hi-tech industry are using drum circles with their employees (Hull, 1998). Various industry leaders have been using drum circles as a team building activity for decades. Apple Inc. has conducted regular team building drum circle events for over 20 years. Toyota conducts drumming programs regularly and has it’s own in-company drum circle area. Other companies which have been employing drumming circles for team building include: Google, Oracle, Sprint, and Pacific Bell.


RHYTHM ENERGIZER (10 – 30 minutes)

Long meetings and seminars are often tiring and have an effect on concentration. The ‘Rhythm Energiser’ is a group activity where participants play different kinds of drums and percussion together. People take a break from their working mindset and engage their inner rhythm. This short musical activity refreshes the mind and boosts productivity.

STRESS RELASER (10 – 30 minutes)

This interactive rhythm event uses mindfulness and rhythm exercises to activate the relaxation response in participants . By playing percussion instruments at different tempos that include 60 BPM (beats per minute) the human brain “entrains” to a state of consciousness that is referred to as the “alpha state”. It is a state of relaxation and wellbeing.


This is an interactive rhythm event where participants play different kinds of drums and percussion together. It highlights the importance of communication and collaboration in musical group settings. With the assistance of a facilitator, participants are encouraged to play together and equally as much listen to each other. This event builds unity. Every participant’s contribution is equally important and the final outcome depends on everyone’s collaboration.

WELLNESS PROGRAM (1 hour – 1.5 hours)

This program delivers different healing modalities in people’s lives with the HealthRhythms protocol. See Health and Wellness page.


This interactive rhythm program builds team spirit and leadership. Participants embark on a musical journey by playing drums and percussion together, aided by a facilitator. At the beginning of the program people’s inner rhythm and musicality are awakened with simple exercises. Participants then play together and develop unity with musical cooperation and communication. As the event progresses individuals contribute with more creativity and direction. The facilitator’s role becomes obsolete toward the end of this event as this is one of the goals. This program is built on musical collaboration, entrainment, and leadership. Participants share a musical experience that requires team work, and creative direction.

KEYNOTE OPENER (5 – 30 minutes)

This is a group rhythm activity that builds excitement before a keynote speech. It is suitable for large audiences. Participants play either percussion instruments, boomwhackers, or different parts of their bodies creating a “body percussion orchestra”. A facilitator leads the group with a growing sense of excitement, ending with a gran finale!


This event transforms a corporate group into a Brasilian samba team. The group is divided into smaller groups and each group learns about a specific instrument and samba pattern. After the different groups learn their parts they unite and play together. The final result is a samba drum team that demonstrates the power of inter-departmental unity and harmony.

Corporate drumming programs for:

Team Building, Corporate Wellness, Leadership Development, Ice Breaker, Stress Releaser, Key Note Opener, Energiser, Samba Drum Team, and Events for: Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions (MICE)